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109202 Moscow, Perovskoe shosse, 9
Tel.: +7 (499) 922-12-63


The Karacharovo railway crossing is closed, you can drive in only from the Shosse Entusiastov street side

By subway:

Aviamotornaya Metro station, go out through the passage to Aviamotornaya Street, exit near the building 22/18, then go to the bus stop, buses 59 and 759 to the stop “3-rd Karacharovskaya" str., or shuttle bus 133 to the stop “Perovskoye shosse, 9”.

By suburban train:

Suburban train from the Kursky railway station (Kursky vokzal) to the Karacharovo platform (station), then follow the highway Perovskoye shosse on foot to the building 9.

By car:

From the Third Ring Road go to the Shosse Entusiastov highway towards the MKAD (Moscow Automobile Ring Road), drive on, then near the Aviamotornaya Subway Station after the overpass turn right and follow the Aviamotornaya street. At the intersection with the 5th Kabelnaya street turn left, pass under the Railway Bridge; turn right at the intersection to the Frezer shosse. Turn left after 300 meters (before the railroad crossing) and follow the Perovskoye shosse as it goes to the building 9. The company is on the left hand side of the street, you’ll see the green gate with a boom barrier and the gatehouse with a large address plate on.

Note: The traffic before the railroad crossing is regularly jammed, but however close the turn might seem we do not recommend that you move on the wrong side of the road because the traffic cops are keeping watch with a camera right behind the corner to get you busted for this bold maneuver.

An alternative travel option: at the crossroads of the 5th Kabelnaya Street and Frezer highway turn LEFT and after 330 meters turn back right on the Basovskaya street, move on to the T-junction about 850 meters (intersection with 1st Frezernaya street) and turn right, pass one kilometer and turn right again, you’ll get to the Perovskoe shosse, after 1.7 km there will be the entrance on the right hand side of the road.

Note: you will need an ID (passport, driving license) to pass to the territory and get into the warehouse of Auto Partner LLC.

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