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Heat carrier

How to clean the heating system of a private house

The heating system of a private house is a complicated construction, which consists of a boiler, a great amount of pipes, and the heaters (radiators). Smooth operation of the heating system can be maintained only if every component of the system is in a good operational condition.

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Wood fired heating system principle

However simple device may a wood burning boiler seem its installation requires special skills, i.e. knowledge multiplied by experience. A wood burning boiler life depends on proper installation and accurate maintenance.

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Gas heating system: main advantages and principle of operation

A heating system costs a good deal of money, but you cannot do without it, at least because you always need hot water in the house. Moreover, during the cold season you need the heat, which is a precious resource, home comfort is just unthinkable without it.

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Heat carrier evolution: things you need to know!

Heat carrier is a liquid or gaseous medium that allows you to accumulate heat and direct it to a place you want. The other important properties of the medium are its relatively low cost, agility and safety. Today, such media are actively used as water, substances based on ethylene glycol, glycerol and propylene glycol.

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