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Tosol or antifreeze: what’s best?

Tosol or antifreeze - that is the question (or what’s better, Tosol or antifreeze)?

Maximum mileage with minimum wear and tear is a dream of, perhaps, any car owner. Though the law of physics is stubborn, getting closer to the dream is still quite possible. You should only pay due attention to the cooling system. What is in there: Tosol or antifreeze? The degree of wear of the parts of your car largely depends on this.

What is the difference between Tosol and antifreeze?

For many consumers, the difference is not significant. After all, for a long time, Tosol used to be the only cooling fluid in Russia. However, the difference between these coolants still exists, and this is quite substantial. One of the main differences between Tosol and antifreeze is their composition, to be precise, additives contained in them. The Tosol’s additives are based on salts of inorganic acids, which are not able to protect the aluminium (the most common metal in the modern automotive industry) at temperatures above 105°C. But antifreezes, such as, for example, "Freezante", have additives based on salts of organic acids, which are less corrosive. This increases antioxidant, anticorrosive, anti-foamy and antifriction properties of antifreeze, as well as the efficiency of the cooling system.

Which one of them offers a better protection to metals?

The metal protection mechanisms of Tosol and antifreeze are also different. Tosol covers the entire metal surface with a protective layer. Its thickness can reach up to 0.5 mm. This significantly reduces the heat transfer, and as a result, increases fuel consumption and the workload of the engine. Antifreeze, in turn, forms a protective layer on the "problem" areas only, i.e., where the metal corrosion starts. This reduces consumption of additives and maintains long term performance. In addition, to decide between Tosol and antifreeze you should take into account the boiling temperature of the fluid. The boiling point of Tosol is about +105-110°C, whereas antifreeze, for example, "Freezante" has an extended temperature range, up to +123°C. In terms of this factor, the difference between Tosol and antifreeze is obvious. All you have to do is just decide what is better for you to pour in the cooling system of your car, Tosol or antifreeze.

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