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About us

"Freezante" is a new name on the market of high-quality antifreeze!
High quality antifreezes, cooling liquids “Buran” and non-freezing windshield washer liquids "Ice-Stop” are produced under the brand "Freezante".

Antifreezes "Freezante" represent a new generation of top-quality cooling fluids for all types of internal combustion engines. They are manufactured with the new patented carboxylate technology in compliance with all quality standards. The antifreezes contain high-technology additives that provide increased protection against corrosion of all cooling system components, as well as preventing scale deposition and cavitation bubbles. Independent tests have shown that the series of antifreezes "Freezante" fully complies with the requirements of the Russian Standard GOST for cooling liquids. The large selection of "Freezante" antifreezes with various properties will satisfy even the most demanding client. So, if you choose quality, "Freezante" antifreeze is your choice!

The smart choose quality. Freezante is the smart choice.

TOSOL “Buran” produced together with "Freezante" antifreezes is a modern, top-quality Mono Ethylene glycol coolant. It contains a new specially designed package of multifunctional additives (corrosion inhibitors). The special additives prevent foaming and scale deposition. TOSOL “Buran" has a high anti-cavitation ability, high thermal conductivity and heat capacity, allowing for quick removal of the excessive heat, thus keeping the operating temperature of the engine.
In addition to a wide range of coolants the brand "Freezante" includes the top-quality windshield washer fluid "Ice-Stop". Due to the new formulation, the high washing ability of “Ice-Stop” combines with a minimum consumption! Its base, Isopropanol, is better than ordinary isopropyl alcohol for its small amount of admixtures and, most importantly, complete absence of unpleasant odor!

All products of the brand "Freezante" are manufactured at the oldest Russian chemical plant with continuous quality monitoring at all stages of production process. This way the highest quality of the end-product is achieved.
Our clients are large wholesale distributors, network and retail stores, auto parts and oils stores, automotive service stations, petrol stations, mechanization units, bus- and motor-depots and end-users: industrial enterprises and companies with their own vehicle fleet. A well-run logistics system allows us to deliver over 60 tons of cargo to our customers every day. The turnover of the company amounts to about 250 tons per day. For the convenience of our regional customers, our warehouse with the storage area of more than 3000 square meters has been running 24-hours a day, so now we can make shipments at night.

For more information about our company and variants of cooperation call our Office at (499) 271-48-92.

"Freezante". Verified. Proven. Qualitative.

Our exhibition activities

Automechanika Moscow Show (2011)

From 24 to 27 August 2011, the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" held the 15-th Moscow International Specialized Exhibition of automotive equipment, spare parts, maintenance service, named "Automechanika". The Auto-Partner’s stand with the original design and its own bar was devoted to telling the visitors about its new premium products, including the line of antifreezes Freezante, Tosol E40 «Buran» and windshield washer fluid “Ice-Stop”, each produced under their own brands with a very strict quality control of the final products.

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